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NATURAL CORNER - eKodama Development and Education Center - A Natural Place for those who a wild about nature and ecology

Natural Corner is primarily an educational and community center where, in the autumn of 2024, the first natural library, co-working space, and room for a wide range of activities, from yoga to courses on natural design, will be launched in Poland. It is also where our eKodama Architecture design studio is based. And where is it, you may ask? Well, it's in a barn on a corner 😊 in my village, Ścinawa.

Natural Corner is also my home, which is an old barn renovated in a natural way. And, as it goes on a corner, it revolves around nature and permaculture 😉.

Natural Corner is also my heart and head turned around walking in the forest, searching for mushrooms, gathering herbs, humming, lying in a hammock, gardening, planting trees, natural building, eco-architecture, straw, clay, permaculture, healthy lifestyle, and that's what's going on within me. Where does it come from and when did it start? It's hard to say.

Natural Corner is also a magazine that has just taken its first step. And it's also a step towards sharing very useful and necessary knowledge - how to build more consciously and ecologically around us, especially in times that don't make us optimistic.

Natural Corner is finally a shop for naturally curious people, where you will find passes for activities, our magazine, and other things in the spirit of what we do, that is, nature, fun, and caring for the environment :). I hope you will find a lot of good things here.

Warm regards,

Your eKodama, Magdalena Górska

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Our center (its establishment and renovation) is co-financed by the European Union funds for the area of the Local Action Group of the Association "Brzesko-Oławska Wieś Historyczna" for the operation "Permaculture Corner - eKodama Development and Educational Center" under the action "European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas". You can read more about the grant we have received HERE.

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